Ski Season Airport Shuttle Service

Our shuttle service runs every Saturday and Sunday from Bergamo, Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate, and Torino Caselle airports to Cervinia and back.

Shuttle Rates One Way Prices are per person per way
Number of PAX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Bergamo Airport €175 €110 €89 €80 €68 €64 €72
Milan Malpensa Airport €90 €45 €45 €45 €40 €40 €40
Milan Linate Airport €155 €100 €82 €75 €64 €60 €67
Torino Caselle Airport €70 €35 €35 €35 €30 €30 €30
Shuttle Times Saturdays & Sundays only Travel time
Bergamo Airport to
10h00 12h00 15h00 18h00   03h15
Cervinia to
Bergamo Airport
05h45 08h00 11h00 14h00   03h15
Milan Malpensa Airport to
11h00 13h00 16h00 19h00   02h15
Cervinia to
Milan Malpensa Airport
05h45 08h00 11h00 14h00   02h15
Milan Linate Airport to
10h30 12h30 15h30 18h30   03h00
Cervinia to
Milan Linate Airport
05h45 08h00 11h00 14h00   03h00
Torino Caselle Airport to
11h40 13h40 16h40 19h40   01h45
Cervinia to
Torino Caselle Airport
05h45 08h00 11h00 14h00   01h45

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Discounted Ski & Snowboard Hire

We also have great deals on ski and snowboard hire - get 20%, and sometimes up to 40%, discount.

Accommodation in Cervinia

For all your accommodation requirements contact Cervinia Travel Services. Not only do we offer great advice but also fantastic prices and special offers.

Customised Transfers

For customised transfer in 8 seater mini bus, rates are per group per way, any day during ski season.

  Weekday Sale Price
1-3 people
Weekday Sale Price
4-8 people
Weekend Sale Price
1-3 people
Weekend Sale Price
4-8 people
Travel time
Aosta €145 €176 €145 €176 01h00
Bergamo Airport €464 €505 €464 €505 03h15
Milano Linate Airport €409 €464 €409 €464 03h00
Geneva Airport €443 €479 €443 €479 03h45
Milano Malpensa Airport €361 €402 €361 €402 02h15
Milano Centro €409 €464 €409 €464 03h15
Torino / Turin Centro €263 €304 €263 €304 02h15
Torino Caselle / Turin Airport €242 €278 €242 €278 01h45

Other Transfers & Big Buses

We are reliable and will be there! We cater for transfers between Cervinia and various destinations in and around the Aosta Valley, including neighbouring Switzerland, and anywhere else in North-West Italy.

Request a quote by completing our enquiry form and we will get back to you pronto!

Day Trips to Aosta

Every Tuesday for the ski season starting 19 December 2017 up to and including 10 April 2018.


Non-skiers can enjoy a day in Aosta shopping and sightseeing. It’s a fantastic town. Skiers can enjoy a day skiing at "Pila in The Sky" a lovely ski area right out of Aosta.

Remember that your local Cervinia ski pass includes the whole "Pila in The Sky" ski area. Free! Your chance to ski a new resort.

How to book: Click the "Book Shuttle" button to the left; Select country "Italy"; Pickup location type "Cervinia Ski Day"; Drop off location "Aosta"; Select "Get quote"; Book!

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